Most Popular WordPress Themes in 2016

WordPress is an awesome easy to use and develop script for webmasters, if you are planning for creating a website you will sure think on making a WordPress website in the first place due to popularity, and the major reason you will use it is due to its amazing easy to develop themes and plugins which make creating websites more familiar and doesn’t require coding knowledge nor time or hard word designing, WordPress Themes are plenty on the market and all of us can have different sources for those themes, The majority of themes make it hard for webmasters to decide which theme to use, and in this topic we are presenting some of the most popular WordPress Themes in 2016, Many of websites are created using these popular themes, you should have a look at this list if you are in the field of WordPress.


Newspaper is truly designed for classic design WordPress websites, the theme is combined with 24 pre-designed theme demo templates that will help you in creating your website, however you can also design your own template and use it in your WordPress website, I find Newspaper a good theme for blog posts also as its design in blog posts is clean and comfort for visitors which decreases bounce rate and makes users like the website and they will come back again to check your content, this theme is on of the most popular WordPress theme not only in the year 2016 but also in the history of WordPress themes.


Salient Multi-Purpose Theme

When we talk about simplicity and amazing appearance and most popular WordPress themes in the year, then we can’t forget about Salient WordPress Theme, this theme looks really amazing and very clean, comfort to eyes and easy to use, it comes with few demo content but they are built with care, they are really amazing demos that can help any website owner to be satisfied and for webmasters too to make their clients happy with their work, in simple easy steps you can have a great looking website with this theme, Salient also supports woo commerce and creates a wonderful shop on your website with easy to install settings, and what I liked most in this theme is its blog demo, its really amazing and I am thinking on changing my personal blog to this theme in the future.


The7 Theme

The 7 is named as the most customizeable theme on the market, that’s due to its easy to setup theme builder and design creator tool, theme is packed with 99$ plugins and it is SEO optimized which make it really good and fast, The7 also is mobile friendly and ready for translation, The7 comes with 25 designed theme templates for multi purpose website building, the design wizard helps you create your own style and own website with steps and easy to setup just select what you like and let the builder do the rest for you, Mobile friendly theme verified by google which makes google love your website and this increases your visitors, all of these features marked The7 as one of the most popular WordPress themes in the market.


Uncode Creative Theme

Clean and Minimal design WordPress Theme that fits in any website, Theme comes with good demo content that makes designing your own theme so easy, also it makes your website looking good with professional design, 30 designs can help you in choosing what fits your needs in your own website, Uncode comes with adaptive images feature which makes the theme detect your device and screen size and resizes the images on the web page you are browsing so that you can read with good style without affection of screen size or type, everything is editable through your admin panel just check what you need to edit and go to the admin panel to edit it.


Impreza Retina Theme

Impreza offers a totally new feature to WordPress Themes, the Header builder is an exclusive feature on this theme, it makes you have the ability to develop and design your own header in your WordPress Theme, Impreza is bundled with 3 plugins worth 71$ so you will save 71$ on purchasing this WordPress Theme, the theme also supports woo commerce so you can build your own website for shopping using this theme too, Impreza offers clean design with beautiful appearance which makes your website a magnet to your visitors.