Minimal WordPress Themes For Personal Blog

When searching for a WordPress theme to use in your personal blog website, you always focus on something with a minimal design to make your visitors feel comfort while reading your content, you don’t need a web design full of graphics and aesthetic areas, you just need to find a theme with everything sorted in place and perfect for reading short and long texts, this seems easy and simple at first, but actually the most challenging part in designing a template is how to make it looks beautiful and attractive without using much images, graphics, borders and noisy elements, and this is what most people call “Clean & Minimal Design”.

Web design is 95% typography.

Oliver Reichenstein

Great minimal design always has more white spaces, less images, clear texts with perfect typography, without too much colors on the page to prevent confusing readers, actually it focuses mostly on the typography which is a key factor for any successful design As Oliver Reichenstein wrote in his known essay Web design is 95% typography. Although most people think it’s the easy part of any design and never give big attention to it but the truth is only few talented designers who can play easily with it and depend only on typography to craft a clean and minimal design, even though the rapid grow of premium design market in recent years like WordPress themes you still feel it’s very hard to find a clean WordPress theme with minimal design focusing in the first place on readability and making texts clear and comfort to read.

In this article in Magilio we introduce few Minimal WordPress themes based on our opinion which we feel you must have a look at before purchasing a theme for your personal blog, we didn’t test any of the themes in this list and we don’t know how they work in terms of features and functionality but we only review them based on their minimal design and good typography.


Nord WordPress Theme

Nord Simple & Minimal WordPress Theme

Nord is one of the most clean and minimal themes on the market with beautiful design, despite it has a dark background but it still caring about the white spaces and clear visible texts to make readers focus on the content without getting distracted by other elements on the page.

Nord designer tried to make it clean as possible, so even the main menu was placed in hidden sliding menu, you can click a small button on the top right of the page to open the slide the right sidebar out and navigate through the theme.

Personally if I decide to create a personal blog using WordPress, this one will be on of the greatest options in my wish-list.


Minions WordPress Theme

Minions WordPress Theme

One of the most unique and clean minimal wordpress themes for readers, it can a perfect choice for creating blogs which focus on long text and doesn’t contain images to beautify the articles, it’s typography is good enough to make your articles look good readable without any media included between paragraphs.

What also make this theme more modern and beautiful is it’s ajax feature, it makes navigating between pages smooth and easy, you can consider buying this theme if you need to create a personal blog to write your thoughts and ideas without caring about wasting too much time searching for good images for your post.


Writing WordPress Theme

Writing Clean & Minimal WordPress Theme

Minimal theme with perfect spacing and typography to make you never feel tired of reading articles, and gives readers pleasure experience while reading long blog posts, people who need to create personal blog which looks clean and modern can consider Writing theme one of winner options to use in their site, actually you will get what you expect from it’s name, it’s a theme for serious writers.

Every part in this theme is build to be suitable for all kinds of blogs, it has many layouts to choose from depending on the kind of topics you write, we believe that your readers will be very satisfied if they read your thoughts and articles in this minimal and clean design.


Aspire WordPress Theme

Aspire Clean WordPress Theme

It can be considered as a magazine theme, but also many people can use it in their personal blog website because of it’s design and good use of white spacing which makes it very clean for readers, it’s obvious that aspire was designing this theme to be suitable for large sites like newspapers and magazine, and also for people who wants to start their own blog and type personal topics, it can work great in both of this casing without losing the simplicity which makes it unique and minimal.


Read WordPress Theme

Read Responsive Theme

One of the oldest WordPress theme in the market but it never gets old, it still considered an amazing choice for writers who need to make their readers focus on content and nothing else, if you use this theme in your personal blog you will never get tired of marking up your texts and paragraphs, you don’t need to worry about adding posts with or without images, due to this theme solid build and great design quality, it will handle all of these for you, you just focus on writing and your writings will appear very clean and tidy for your visitors.